A downloadable game for Windows

Made this game as part of a 5 day game challenge. Using the "HappyFunTimes" Unity plug-in we made this game possible. Flock Together is a game that has each player assumes the role of a bird and the goal is work together to form formations before meteors rain down and obliterate you.


Run the "FlockTogether - Shortcut" other wise you won't be able to connect to game.

Grab the IP address of the computer where the game is launched and type it into your URL of the browser in order to play. You can use any touch screen device as a controller to connect to the game.

Game will not start until a minimum of 4 players connect. Formations appear on screen and timer counts down til death by meteors. So get into formation quick!!

Most importantly have fun!! :)

Alexander Hulsmeier: Programming, Game Design, Level Design.

Jesse Baker: Programming, Lead Game Design.


Joshua Bresler: Sound, Art, Game Design, Level Design.



Benjamin d'Abadie: Art, Game Design.


Liam McAlinden: Art, Programming, Game Design.



FlockTogether.zip 24 MB